I’ve been meaning to write down my thoughts on some cool stuff I’ve watched and read over the past few months. But I forgot. And couldn’t blog at work. I’m lying down on my new warm comforter that I bought at Jack’s World on Thursday, my head up against several of the pillows that came in my $54 comforter set, and I’m gettin things done.

Today, I watched the pilot of The United States of Tara and the first episode of the second season of Damages, a show I have never seen before. I really, really enjoyed both.

Last week, I finished the first season of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia with Lance. It was predictably excellent and several episodes are tied for awesomeness.

Last week, I finished the Y: The Last Man comic book series. I got choked up and have hardly spoken about it with anybody. It’s thoughtfully done and laugh-out-loud funny and beautiful and sexy. And in the end, so moving. A month or so before that, I read Watchmen. Yeah, pretty insane and neat. I have no problem the movie coming out. In fact, I’m excited to buy tickets in advance.

Two months ago, I read Save the Cat, which was succinct and provided a healthy dose of insta-inspiration. And now, Lance and I are writing a screenplay. The more we publicly pronounce this, the more work we’ll be forced to get done on it.

Just after New Years, I re-watched the HBO series, Unscripted, a gift I got for Hanukkah from Lance’s parents. I love the way that it is shot and I really like Krysta Allen and Frank Langella in it. It makes being an actor seem both stupid and sad and also, odd enough to be super cool.

I can’t stop listening to the album …Is a Real Boy, by the band Say Anything. It’s punk rock and smart and the hooks have got me, ahem, reeled in like a the fish of a fan I am. Of this band.

Back to work.